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Matilda is one of Sara Abou Mrad's most particular allegorical Art collection where, ideas and images coincide, and through her art they are merge.
In her particular collection "Matilda", Sara Abou Mrad offers us a glimpse into her dreamlike world of sensuality and eroticism. She paints a fraction of her sacred emotion that is in us and in the world around.
By her deep consideration of line, form, color layers, brushstrokes and with the use of raw, earthy and bold colors, Sara Abou Mrad reveals Matilda's body, allowing us to feel the delicate feminine side in each painting.
Matilda's silhouette, embodies visions of solitude, fertility, love and sexuality.
In each composition, Matilda communicates with the powerful presence of the fauna and flora, the four elements: water, earth, fire, air, and the palette of creatures, where the nude body is freed from confining doctrine, devoted to self-knowledge of ourselves, to our desires, our hates and loves.
Therefore, the crisscrossing becomes a metaphor of osmosis between: Fragility and strength, fear and courage, rebellion and submission, life and death.